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Valerie Reynolds, sold her school, the Randolph School of English, to CES (Centre of English Studies) in 2015.

History of Randolph School:

Valerie opened the school in June 1999. One of the many successes of the school lay in the care and responsibility to the needs of the students from the beginning to the end of their stay at the school.
Our host families were committed and welcoming and our language courses offered high quality teaching.
All of this quality will continue with Centre of English Studies - CES. Our teachers are continuing with CES as are our host families.

CES will continue to run Cambridge CELTA courses. In 2016 we ran 11 courses and this year, 2017, we are running 11 again. For more information please visit the teacher training page or send an e mail to

For information about English courses and prices for adults and juniors please visit the CES website at
You can also send an e mail to

We believe that responding to the needs of students from the beginning to the end of a course is the key to a happy and contented customer.

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