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Valerie Reynolds, the school director of the Randolph School of English sold her school in 2015 to Centre of English Studies (CES). The school is now known as CES - Edinburgh. There are other CES schools in Dublin, Worthing, Wimbledon, Harrogate, Leeds, Oxford and now Edinburgh.
All will remain the same with the teacher training courses and the Cambridge Celta course that we run here,  in that our loyal and excellent teacher training team will continue with CES.

For more information about the CELTA you can read below or you can go onto the CELTA page on the CES-Edinburgh website on

More information about CELTA

What is CELTA?
It gives you a qualification for entry into the field of EFL teaching to adults internationally. The acronym stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. It is validated by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate who set the guidelines and criteria for centres running these courses.

How long does the course take?
The course is a minimum of 120 contact hours and is full time over four weeks. You attend the school from 9 a.m. till about 5/5.30 and then spend most evenings preparing lessons for the following day. Cambridge recommends that up to 80 additional learning hours for reading, research, assignment writing and lesson preparation is required on a course. This would average out to between 10 and 15 hours a week on top of contact hours. On part time courses run over 12 weeks, the contact times are Saturday mornings from 10.00 to 13.15 and Monday and Wednesday evenings 18.00 to 21.00.

Can I enrol?
Yes, if you are at least 18 years old at the start of the course. It is generally recommended that you are aged 20 and over though. You should also have a standard of education that would allow entry to Higher Education in your country. You should have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables you to follow the course and complete the assignments set throughout the course.

Do I need to be able to speak a foreign language?
No, but it can help you if you have an awareness of another language.

Do I need to have previous teaching Experience?
No. The CELTA course is designed as a pre-service course for people with no previous teaching experience. It is also a popular course with those who have a PGCE and experience in the state sector but who are looking for a change of direction.

What are the course contents?
Input sessions are devoted to methodology, language awareness, phonology and lesson preparation. It is a Cambridge requirement that you observe 6 hours of classes with qualified teachers (3 are of live teaching and 3 can be of videos) and have a minimum of 6 hours observed teaching practice. On our courses here, teaching practice takes place in the afternoons and by the end of the course you will have taught two or three levels of classes.

Where do the teaching practice students come from?
The community. Many of them are working in Edinburgh, i.e. in bars, restaurants or are au pairs, and they pay a registration fee to attend these classes taught by you and observed by tutors.

Is there an examination at the end?
No. You are assessed on 2 components: your teaching practice and written assignments. Cambridge has a set of criteria for each component that you must meet to get the certificate. Towards the end of the course an external assessor comes in to moderate the course and to ensure that assessment is carried out consistently. You will have at least two tutorials during which you will be given an indication of your progress to date.

Is it easy to find a job?
It is more difficult to find a full-time job in Britain, except in the summer months when there are many summer schools operating in Edinburgh and the rest of Britain - particularly in the London area. We therefore recommend that you go abroad after the course. During the course information will be available to assist you in finding employment

Course dates in 2018
Full time courses:
February 26 - March 23
April 30 - May 25
May 28 - June 22
July 9 - August 3
October 8 - November 2
November 19 - December 14

Part time course:
September 15 - December 8

Watch us on u tube:

Cambridge Celta Edinburgh

Our Moodle site is

The full time courses run from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5/5.30 p.m. irrespective of Scottish, municipal or Bank Holidays
Contact times for the part time course are Saturday mornings 10.00 to 13.30, Monday and Wednesday evenings 17.45 to 21.00

How much is the course?

£1,135 (including registration fee).

Can I get financial assistance for the course?
Some job centres may be able to give you a grant but you will have to contact them yourself. The British Council also give grants to recent graduates to do a Celta course so visit their site and find out more.

 How do I apply?
You can download an application form and accompanying written tasks from this page. Complete both and return them to the school address with copies of any relevant qualifications you have to support your application. If your application meets requirements we will invite you to attend an interview. These interviews are usually conducted in groups (or a telephone can be arranged if a candidate lives far away) and short tasks are set to assess a candidate's suitability. In most cases the decision to accept or reject a candidate is made at the end of the interview.

[ intro letter | application form | task ]

To apply for a course you should complete an application form and task and return them to or  you can post them to  the address at the bottom of this page.

Why choose this centre?

  • We have Scotland's most experienced CELTA tutors.
  • All of us are assessors and Valerie Reynolds was a Joint Chief Assessor for the scheme for 15 years. 
  • We are also competitively priced for the North!

    Some feedback from previous courses

    • "Now I know why this centre came so highly recommended. I will do the same"

    • "I thought the course was fantastic. Very thorough and educational."

    • "I can't begin to say how wonderful the course has been."

    • "I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I don't have any negative thoughts or comments about it - it was well run, organized, fun and inspiring. I am so pleased I decided to take the course here at a smaller school where I didn't get lost in the shuffle of things."

    We have a Facebook page - CES Job Opportunities - where we post up jobs.

    How can I get more information?
    Contact Valerie Reynolds on the following numbers:

    Tel: +44 (0) 131 226 5004


    54 Manor Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7EH | Tel: +44 (0) 131 226 5004